Passed AZ-900 with score above 900. Study for Microsoft certs from Microsoft. Everything else is an add-on.

Microsoft certs have a particular way of to deliberately phrase the question in such a way that you are forced to ponder.

Even if you have a photographic memory; that does not matter. Some questions are such that 1 feature is combined with 2 concepts. And two options usually come very close to each other.

So unless your basics are in place it would be difficult to answer.

And mind you for 1 topic there are enumerable pages of documentation on ms docs. And it gets overwhelming. Since as a Software Engineer we don’t mind going through long documents. And phrase out key notes for our meetings and presentations.

Nor does UNION or EXCEPT work on reading Microsoft docs because. Everything is relevant.

With limited time to ourselves from our respective jobs. How do we make the most of MS-Learn and also trainings provided by Microsoft. Is just how I hit the ball out of the park with AZ-900.

Tip 1: I followed the current blogs and posts from Microsoft to keep up to date with change of their learning paths/rewards/offers/training, etc.

Tip 2 : Fundamentals path has been upgraded from late Jan 2021 to suit 9th November 2020 changes.

Tip 3: Follow MVP’s videos on YouTube. I followed videos from Adam Marczak and Tim Warner.

Tip 4: Microsoft Training Day events for 100% free vouchers. On attendance via your Microsoft account you will receive a discount voucher. At present its 100% of the cost. Provided you register yourself and have a certification dashboard.

Tip 5: Toolkits tests and practice

I found Whizlabs coming very close to my prep. They have a review question option as well and timing for not just all sections in one prep but section by section prep.

Tip 6: This is final and like I said in the title collection of add-ons.

One final note. My exam was scheduled for midnight my time. And the proctor was delayed by 30 mins so do not leave your seat or camera, as a pop-up comes saying you are not there. It may be a bot or something idk. So be patient.

And since this is a non-negative marking exam. Attend all questions. Also, note there are some surveys and feedback screens that pop-up. I read in the community they stall the results and sometimes provide extra time. Its a bug on Microsoft’s side. So I did not even give my feedback.



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