Demo and walk-through of all the steps to implement in the video below

IMDB data is real-time and apis need to be bought via AWS Marketplace. Or there are support plans to consume via RapiApi.

(which btw have only 2 endpoints and require to enter your credit/debit card).

My suggestion is why do that if you have multiple endpoints for free.

It does not mean we cannot build Sample Movie applications using valid data if not real-time. Why should we miss out on the workflow learning of how Browsing Movies works. Let it be on Any device.

IMDB apis…

In my previous blog I discussed the various sources from where I got my references to prepare to enter Azure Fundamentals. Link is available below

And My YouTube Video with complete walk-through is here

That was what to study from. This article is to describe the premise of What is most important for the exam and azure fundamentals. Too much content to cover docs.msdn and learning paths but not all are for let’s just say handy in terms of situational analysis.

I attended March 2nd — 4th 2021 Microsoft Ignite. They did confirm that the test is not just…

As the heading suggests. I passed AZ-900 and I am super ecstatic to share my learning experience because let me tell you.

At first Azure Fundamentals appears to be very simple. The truth is it has a very subtle grammar, tone and rhythm to how questions are formatted and which answer(s) are a perfect fit to those questions.

As the skills measured has changed, some topics still appear since they appear in sandboxes and azure portals. So in their (I mean Microsoft’s )trainings they include them. More details in my previous blog.

Having said that the exam by itself is…

In my first blog on Tech, diving into the most coveted certifications of all Microsoft Developers/Business & IT Professionals. I am here to give you the most simple and non-detrimental practices to ensure you are not left behind with changes Microsoft has made from Jan 2021 and a road-map of .NET 5 and C# 9( Will be covered in my next blog ).

From my personal experience on Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel 9 along with the latest live videos on YouTube by MVPs this is something very simple. As very least to no hands-on experience is required to take…

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